Ike Tecson

Originally from Hawaii, Ike holds degrees in music performance and composition from the University of Hawaii where he attended on scholarship.

During his tour, Ike showcased his versatility and professionalism across prestigious stages. He performed at notable venues like the Sapporo Jazz Festival, Birdland, and The Bluenote, and participated in the Yokohama Music Festival. His journeys have led him to open for renowned acts such as Bon Jovi and Black Eyed Peas, alongside guitarist Mike Corrado. Additionally, Ike collaborated with Japanese pop star Yuna Ito and the Japan-based group The Gospellers, further highlighting his adaptability in diverse musical environments. 

His recent involvement in the Berg Broadway series marked a significant expansion of his repertoire, underscoring his growth and skill as a multifaceted musician in the international music scene.

A Jazz aficionado, he spent his postgraduate years playing in Hawaii’s busy tourist destinations as well as accompanying ballet studios.  He was fortunate enough to spend significant time touring Japan and experimenting with various artists in the areas of rock, hip hop, fusion and Jazz.  

Live Performance Sample Solo Piano Jazz @ FAT Dec-15th

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