Ike Tecson, pianist and father

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From a diverse tapestry of Japanese and Hawaiian ancestry, Ike's musical odyssey is profoundly shaped by the intersecting currents of diverse cultures. From the island of Oahu, Ike embarked on a path that led him to earn degrees in Jazz and improvisational performance from the University of Hawaii. There, under the guidance of expert mentors and the support of scholarships, he nurtured and honed his musical identity.

As a pianist, bandleader, and composer, Ike's career has been a dynamic odyssey through the realms of jazz, fusion, rock, and hip hop. He has illuminated stages from the Sapporo Jazz Festival to Birdland and The Bluenote with his captivating performances, showcasing his versatility and magnetic presence.

Ike's career milestones include opening for concerts by renowned acts such as Bon Jovi and the Black Eyed Peas, demonstrating his talent and commitment across various musical genres. His ability to seamlessly bridge diverse musical styles is further illustrated through his collaborations with Japanese pop sensation Yuna Ito, the esteemed ensemble The Gospellers, and the iconic R&B group The Drifters during a Pacific tour.

In more recent years, Ike has explored new musical territories with Big Band and Trio work, bringing his unique vision to these ensembles. He also plays a pivotal role in the yearly Fresno Airport Holiday Music Program, where his performances bring warmth and joy to the bustling atmosphere, offering solace to weary travelers.

Away from the stage, Ike finds joy and chaos in equal measure within his young family. Married to Wendy, who is dedicated to working with children at Valley Children's Hospital, they face the adventures of parenting together. Their home is brightened by the energy of their two children, Finn and Ren.


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